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At Flag Spruce Initiative, we always have a compass at the ready to guide us toward our mission. That compass is the inspiration of the flag spruce tree, a variety of conifer associated with the Allegheny Highlands of West Virginia. Also known as a "flag tree", the flag spruce is easily identifiable as one half is barren while the other half is lush. This natural occurrence is due to the cold, north-westerly winds that blow upon the red spruce trees of the Dolly Sods wilderness. For those in the backcountry, it serves as a welcomed navigational tool when a clear path can't be found.

To our organization, the flag spruce is the perfect representation of resilience, a characteristic all too familiar for West Virginians. It represents where we've been, acknowledging that the stat has been through some tough times. It's strong roots allow it to stand tall even in the harshest conditions, holding on to the rock and soil which has nurtured and supported its growth. Most importantly, it points us toward work which fulfills our mission - investing in and advocating for West Virginia's Three Es: Education, Environment, & Economy.

We are inspired by every flag spruce we see. We hope you will be, too.

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